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Tiger Tiger Burning Bright :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 1 3 Ella :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 0 0 This is not a kakapo :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 1 0
The Cynical Businessman
Fear. It’s a powerful force, isn’t it? The idea that one’s very being may hang in the balance of some event, however minor it may be, is soul-consuming. It’s what kept us humans alive while the Neanderthals froze in their caves. We know our time will be up some day, and we do everything in our power to milk what little time we have for something that fools would call ‘meaningful’.
All bullshit, naturally. There’s nothing meaningful in this world beyond the simple exchange of things they covet. Money, power, possessions, love, it’s all the same. It’s about gratification, and doing whatever one can to get it. The stupid ones leap to get whatever they can while they can, while the smart ones wait in the shadows until the big catch comes.
How else do you think I rose to the top? By skill, talent, or expertise? No. I got up here by using the right people, gratifying them when necessary and in turn rising through the ranks. Higher and hig
:iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 2 3
The Ghosts of Headingley
Isolation is a peculiar thing. When one feels truly alone in this world, a zen passes through you like no other. You are never distracted. Never judged. Invisible to the world, at least in your own head. The ultimate state of neutrality. This zen is ultimately the reason I isolate myself with every journey I have, hiding myself behind a pair of Sennheiser headphones.
Life has changed for me since the latter end of July. I went from a hopeless graduate desperately searching for a job to a hopeful trainee in software development. Life finally seems to be going my way, yet the air of isolation lingers. The feeling that no matter how much fun I have with my colleagues, my life at home will be lonely as ever.
I train in the city centre of Leeds, and moved into a shared house in Headingley, a small town-like area on the outskirts of the city a small train ride’s away. While it seems like your standard small English town, the truth is that the place is haunted. There are ghosts in this
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LoLK in a shellnut :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 8 14
‘Dear Kevin. Thank you for your application, however I regret to inform you that your application was unsuccessful. I wish you all the best in future endeavours.’
Another failure for the collection. It didn’t matter how many jobs he applied for. One after the other, they came. Condescending automated messages that pretended to have sympathy for him.
Entry-level posts that needed experience. Experience he couldn’t get because he could never get an entry-level job. The cycle trapped him. What was the point? He could have applied for fifty jobs a day, and the result would be the same.
I regret to inform you. The words echoed in Kevin’s head. I regret to inform you.
How emotional wording could be used so soullessly was beyond him. Today would be another day of having to explain his failures to his parents. I’m sorry for not getting the jobs. I’m sorry I can’t support myself.
It’s not like Kevin wanted to spend his l
:iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 0 0
Mature content
Mercy :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 1 8
SEAL.jpeg :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 2 1 Maya.raepfaec :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 0 0 Gary: Equip Baton. :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 0 0 Gary: Put them in your mystery box. :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 0 0 Gary: Open.Those.Gifts! :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 0 0 Gary: Run down stairs. (2) :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 1 0 Gary: Run down stairs. (1) :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 1 0 Gary: Look out door. :iconduwee-davisii:Duwee-DavisII 1 0


I Don't Need Feminism
I don't need feminism because the modern movement has become a circle jerk of victimisation and misandry.
I don't need feminism because "patriarchy" does not exist in its true definition in the first world.
I don't need feminism because men have their own issues, yet many feminists either choose to ignore them or dismiss them as irrelevant or just "male tears".
I don't need feminism because the modern movement encourages irresponsibility for one's actions. (E.g. Having drunk sex, then regretting it afterwards and claiming rape. Please note this does not refer to cases where one party was passed out, so they wouldn't be able to consent reasonably.)
I don't need feminism because the most influential people in my life have been men.
I don't need feminism because I've never experienced discrimination based on my gender, and I've never been treated differently by men for participating in a male-dominated hobby or interest. (In fact, I've gotten more crap for being autistic then for b
:iconmintaka-tk:Mintaka-TK 108 135
Everybody* Is Beautiful :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 6,357 2,118
A New Chapter
The freezing rain chills my weary soul,
All my faith lost in a gaping hole,
Loneliness is my only companion
As I lie trapped in an endless canyon.
A constant battle wages deep inside
Where love and hate violently collide
I’m a victim in this war of attrition,
And all my troops are out of position.
I want to raise my hands and shout
But words, they simply won't come out
You still think I’m the one to blame
And you don’t want to hear my name.
You always fed me with your lies
And claimed me only as your prize,
The days slowly turned to years
Until my soul was flooded with tears.
You cast me aside like an old rag
Thinking I will fly a white flag,
To think that I'll come crawling back
To a soul consumed by cold and black.
But I will never go back again
For everything will be in vain,
Instead, I now search for a cure
That will me make me feel secure.
And so, the rain acts as my crucible
I'll do what others deem impossible,
I'll cast aside anger and hate
Escaping the suff'ri
:iconteutorix-maxen:teutorix-maxen 3 7
The Old Man
The old man's wife passed away a few days ago.
He wouldn't like me writing it that way—a fan of George Carlin, the thought of 'soft words' tended to make him cringe; he would have preferred 'died' or 'shuffled off her mortal coil.' He said that second one plenty. Every few years now one of his friends shuffles off their mortal coil, and he always says it that way when he finds their name in the obituary. 'I guess Mavis shuffled off her mortal coil. A shame. She had the most wonderful rack as a young woman. Would've married her if I hadn't met Julia.'
The old man wasn't exactly politically correct. Come to think of it, he was a bit of a cantankerous old bastard with every imaginable bigotry—the 'self-hating Jew' routine was something he carried out very well. But with him you could always see the humor in his words. I once watched in awe as he told a joke that had the word 'nigger' in it at least three times to a table full of black men who could remember when they heard that
:iconsgtpossum:SgtPossum 330 157
Dear To Whom It May Concern,
Being an omnipotent myth of human minds can be really unreliable work. You just don’t know how people will justify the use of your name for the most beautiful or most hateful of crimes. Yes, humans are only capable of crimes. Some of kindness, and some of blindness. Take the ten commandments for example.
You shall have no gods apart from me. I’m sorry, but isn’t capitalism a god? Isn’t ideology a god? I mean, I’m an ideology, right? I’m a name associated with religions aplenty. Gods are just symbols for morals we all need. But you know, God likes an ego stroke and who better than the people who made up my existence.
You shall not make idols. You’re kidding me, right? Celebrities are a class (should I say crass) example. Or sportspeople, or the lady down the street, or anyone dubbed a hero. That word is so overused.
You shall not take the name of the lord in vain. Oh my god. Don’t ev
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The World is Made of Stories :iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 331 129 Homestuck God Mandala :iconneon-hikari:Neon-Hikari 4,017 356 I'm fine :iconmoppaa:moppaa 217 17
Why Ib works
Ib, Taylor and the Sublime
RPG Maker games are surely tricky ponies. It’s a tool and it all depends on how you use. It’s also a free tool (granted advanced tools need some cash to work). However, given the fact that the majority of RPG Maker developers are also hobbyists, it also means that there is a good chance that the developers don’t know what they’re doing.  
The first one to popularize the RPG Maker was Cave Story. The developer spent years working on it before releasing and it’s a work of art. However, survivorship bias tells us to not consider only the successful cases, but having a sample that has a good number of success and failures (and it should be considered that the line that divides a success from failure is blurred sometimes: it’s a cognitive bias to say that Japanese RPG Maker games are better because only the better games are actually translated; other example is Wadanohara – for some reason, people seem to enjoy but pe
:iconrandomnumbers5902672:RandomNumbers5902672 1 2
Game Grumps - 50 Shades of Sexbang :iconeyebrowscar:EyebrowScar 400 47 Maya Fey Ace Attorney :icongreenmage:GreenMage 306 40 Touhou: Beloved Tomboyish Girl :iconjuriascarlet:JuriaScarlet 58 2
Mature content
Worlize Mishaps - Yukkuri :iconflerzerandom:FlerZeRandom 4 6
Fanfic writer hates to read :iconbeats0me:beats0me 20 106
I'm gonna start doing commissions, and I'll try my best to draw them the best I can!
You may skim through my drawings in my gallery to check out what I can do.
Chibi drawing: I'm gonna have it at 100 points 
    - Pencil drawing: free of charge - Pencil filling (fill in areas with pencil; not shading or shadows): + 50 points (total: 150) - Pencil shading (shadows and shades must be pencil filled first): + 50 points (total: 200 points) - Physical inking: + 50 points - hatching and cross hatching and other ink shades (must be physically inked first): + 50 points (total for all physical inking: 100 points)
    - BW ink (digitally inked): + 50 points (total: 150 points) - Flat colors (must be inked first): + 50 points (total: 200 points) - full color with shadows and highlights (must be flat colored + inked); complete version: + 50 points (total: 250 points + 50 if bg included => mo
:iconkelkeltang215:kelkeltang215 2 0
Touhou 64 :iconrandomnumbers5902672:RandomNumbers5902672 20 31


My watchers and friends, I show to you:
Quira Abraxas by Wrenfall

Who is this beautiful woman, you ask? Well, it's Quira Abraxas, from my novel-in-progress, Arkhera. She's a pretty politician with a few skeletons in the ol' closet.

It was drawn by :iconwrenfall:, a dear friend of mine, so please give him a watch if you like it!
This was a little something drawn for :iconwrenfall:, who happens to be my bestest friend and co-writer for our shared universe... his story in the works deals with the frigid northern continent of Frystheim, while mine deals with a large, feudalistic society called Arkhera (which itself has history as an extremely converted, altered, and overall improved rendition of the setting of Game of Touhou, Noros (which I couldn't have written without good ol' :iconfestasim:).).

Aaaanyway, this here girl is a Frystheimian walking around Arkhera in one of our many roleplays testing our combined world. She's a super-powered huntress. Mmmmm.
For all those following Game of Touhou, I have an announcement!

Reupp approached me about the project and seem to think it'd make an okay TV show! If you agree, please do me a solid and go here:

From there, click the 'I'd Watch This' button and add to the cause! Thanks again in advance!
  • Listening to: Rayman 2 soundtrack
  • Reading: A Storm of Swords
  • Watching: The Atheist Experience
  • Playing: Impossible Spell Card
  • Eating: Pepperami Nuts
  • Drinking: Water


Duwee-DavisII's Profile Picture
Matt Dave
United Kingdom
Hello there, crazed british Otaku at your service! I specialise in hand-drawn, Anime-style drawings. I draw mainly off of the style of ZUN, but I've established my own drawing style so it is slightly different.

You may want to check out my fanfiction profile to check out what my artwork's for:… (My profile)

The books the I'm drawing for are the 'Touhou Doujin' series, starting with slight old shame 'Dawitsu's Folly', then Holiday Edition, then Recompense, then Jean's Magical Education, then Yutaka's Big Fat Youkai Wedding, however, inbetween 'Folly' and 'Holiday' I recommend you read some of the 'Grimoire of Dawitsu', a side book. Especially the article on Yutaka Hadekawa. It's filled with SQUEE! Also, between 'Education' and 'Wedding', there are two in-universe fanfictions written by Lizard Youkai Tokage Reiketsu and Hebiko Bimyouna, both exploring different styles of writing to my usual (badfic style and Lemony Snicket style).

Also, from there, there's 'The Epilogue' and 'Reimu's Successor', an end to my old series and the start of a sister series set twenty years ahead of the first.

Also, my series also has a set of Walfas shorts set between 'Magical Education' and 'Wedding' on this Youtube account:…

I also do walfas comics and photos on this account, while we're here.


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Well you know about the whole Lore of Westeros right? I was thinking of making something like that for Noros, and I was also thinking of creating a D&D Campaign setting for it as well.
Here's the soundbit for the Lore of the Sea of Demons…
Duwee-DavisII Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015
Okay, I've fixed my internets, and dayum.

This is fucking great. I really like the interpretation of ol' Yuugenmagan. Have you made other lore soundbits?
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My apologies. At the moment, thanks to my computer's DNS being kaput when associating with new networks, I cannot see your soundbite, however a script of the soundbite would be lovely to read. Sorry, it's a temperamental bitch at the moment.
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